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Summer travel coming up? Wondering what to pack? I never travel without a few key essential oils. Check out my list at the new site!

An Essential Oil Travel Kit


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I’m a very cautious traveler. I leave copies of important documents with friends and in protected computer files. There are locks on all my bags, with address labels both outside and within. I wear a money belt during international transit. And I keep money in more than one place.

These practices have saved me from a few sticky situations. But hiding money all over the place . . . I may have to rethink this one:

Travel Remnants © 2012, Juniper Stokes

I recently cleaned out a few old travel pouches and a drawer of old travel information, and this stack of currency is what I found. While part of me wants to hold on to bits of currency from each country with hopes that it will lead me back again, my bank account has other ideas. I cashed in this loot for almost $200 USD! Who knew . . . .

Oh, and since taking this photo and exchanging the money, I found another previously undiscovered supply of cash–Singaporean dollars and Japanese yen. I’m pretty excited about the yen :)

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