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This picture brings up memories of one of my all-time favorite trips–Greece. A girlfriend and I spent 5 weeks traveling through Athens, the mainland, and the islands of this amazing country. On the morning this photo was taken, we were waking up to our first day on Mykonos, one of Greece’s many beautiful islands. I’d gotten out of the shower to discover that my friend had prepared a breakfast of Greek yogurt and honey, sliced apples, grapes, cheese, fresh orange juice, and coffee (Nescafe cappuccinos, because that’s how they roll over there).

Something about the sight of the breakfast, combined with the Greece Lonely Planet guidebook, awakened in me a deep appreciation of where I was in life. I was in Greece, on a beautiful island, with one of my best friends, living a real life adventure better than any I could have imagined. Every time I look at this photo I’m reminded of those feelings, and I love it.

Breakfast in Mykonos © 2009, Juniper Stokes

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