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What supplies do you need to begin making your own perfumes? Check out my go-to list!


Herbal Essence Dropper

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Want to build your essential oil collection but not quite sure where to start? Check out my list of top essences for perfume-making:

Natural Perfume: A Basic Set of Essences


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What are the three magical questions to ask yourself before you begin a new blend? Read all about it here!

DIY Perfume Part 2: Blending BasicsPerfume Bottle

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New awesome article series to help you get started making your own natural fragrances–aromatherapy, perfume making, and insider tips!


natural perfume

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Summer travel coming up? Wondering what to pack? I never travel without a few key essential oils. Check out my list at the new site!

An Essential Oil Travel Kit


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Hello all! I’m excited to introduce my new website, juniperstokes.com. This site is still a work in progress, but I’m feeling good about making the switch. I have some exciting plans in mind for this website, and the new platform will give me greater flexibility. I’ll continue to post updates and links on this site as I transition over, so be sure to follow my updates here and then go explore and check out my new formatting!

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I should also mention that I’m receiving this beautiful new site thanks to the wonderful man in my life. He uses WordPress as a platform to create awesome, affordable and personalized websites for individuals and small companies. He also has a great online WordPress video course to help you take your blog or site to the next level. If any other .com users are interested in switching to a .org site and all the benefits it offers, he can help you too. For more info, click here: PowerUp Productions.

PowerUp Productions


Happy, sensual living to you!

Juniper Stokes

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