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Starting this blog is something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. It’s intimidating to make the leap and begin posting publicly, but also necessary. I have been fortunate enough to have had a rich life so far, full of adventure and creativity and constant learning, and I think it’s time to finally  share my experiences and knowledge.

Recently, I noticed that more and more people were coming to me with questions–about recipe ideas, health tips, travel advice, aromatherapy information, and life in general. As I did my best to give answers and advice, I began to realize that if the information I had could help one person, there was a good chance others could benefit, as well.

So here is goes. Time to post. I’ve spent the summer experimenting with produce from my parents’ amazing garden (they grow it, I cook it), so expect a few culinary experiments soon. I also spent five years living and cooking in Tokyo, and have a collection of recipes from my time there. Oh, and there are the cooking classes I’ve taken all over the world . . . I may have to do something with those, too!

Besides recipes, I’m also hoping to share a bit of travel advice/stories. Thus far I’ve been to 39 countries (aaahhh what will 40 be? and more importantly when??), and have had some good times, some bad times, and a whole lot of crazy times, and I figure someone should benefit from my experience. And though I’m certainly not a professional photographer, I do alright for an amateur, so I may throw in a few self indulgent travel photos.

And of course, there is aromatherapy. I have a company with my mom (check out the Essential Life Aromatherapy section) and am constantly learning more about this amazing art form. I will certainly be sharing some aromatherapy info with everyone, too!

I suppose I have to admit to being a bit of a dilettante. I find it much too difficult to choose one area of focus when so many amazing things in the world are just calling out for attention, so who really knows all the directions I’ll take this blog. Regardless, each will involve creativity, sensuality, and adventure, as with everything in life.

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